Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to the Centre

A Conversation with Professor Sylvia Rich: Corporate Crime and Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Episode Summary

On this Episode, Senator Kim Pate is joined by Professor Dr. Sylvia Rich from University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law - Common Law Section. Kim and Professor Rich discuss corporate and organizational crime and remediation agreements (commonly referred to as "deferred prosecution agreements" or "non-prosecution agreements". They also discuss why corporations are able to get deferred prosecution agreements and avoid criminal responsibility but most individuals in Canada do not have these same options. Finally, they discuss the effect of deferred prosecution agreements to increase the targeting of individuals (i.e., corporate actors).

Episode Notes

Learn more about Professor Sylvia Rich here.

Additional readings & ressources

Click here to access the private bill Senator Pate introduced relating to Mandatory Minimum Penalties (S-207).

Click here to access the fact sheet on Mandatory Minimums introduced by Senator Pate.

Sylvia Rich (2016). Corporate Criminals and Punishment Theory. Canadian Journal of Law &Jurisprudence, 29, pp 97-118 doi:10.1017/cjlj.2016.4