Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to the Centre

A Conversation with Professor Martha Jackman: "Poverty is a Human Rights Violation"

Episode Summary

[Note: this is the first episode of a two-part series being published in recognition of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which is on October 17th.] On this episode, Senator Kim Pate is joined by Professor Martha Jackman from University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law - Common Law Section. Kim and Professor Jackman discuss poverty as a human rights violation from a legal and constitutional lens. Particularly, they discuss obstacles people experiencing economic deprivation face from the different branches of government. They also discuss steps that every Canadian can take to help move toward the eradication of poverty.

Episode Notes

Click here to access Professor Martha Jackman's biography on the University of Ottawa website.

Click here to access Professor Martha Jackman's CV as of 2020.

For more information on the social and economic rights, visit the following selected works by Professor Martha Jackman:

Martha Jackman, "What's Wrong With Social and Economic Rights?" (2000) 11 National Journal of Constitutional Law 235-246.

Martha Jackman, “One Step Forward and Two Steps Back: Poverty, the Charter and the Legacy of Gosselin” (2019) 39 National Journal of Constitutional Law 85-121.

For more information on Guaranteed Livable Income:

Click here to access the Perspectives document on Guaranteed Livable Income by Senator Pate.

Resources and cases mentioned during the episode:

Click here to access the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal's October 2021 decision, Disability Rights Coalition v. Nova Scotia (Attorney General), 2021 NSCA 70. This case is discussed as the "Emerald Hall litigation" at the 6:53 and 12:04 minute marks. Click here to access the March 2019 decision of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, the precursor to the aforementioned Court of Appeal 2021 decision.

Click here to access the Court of Appeal for Ontario's 2014 decision in Tanudjaja v. Canada, 2014 ONCA 852, discussed at the 8:01 and 9:52 minute marks.

Click here to access Nell Toussaint's amended (as of May 25 2021) statement of claim in the Ontario Superior Court and click here to access the Attorney General's Motion to Strike Nell Toussaint's statement of claim. These are discussed at the 8:08 minute mark.

Click here to access a transcript of former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Arbour's 2005 Lafontaine-Baldwin lecture "Freedom from want", referred to at the 9:24 minute mark.

Click here to access a CBC News article by Antoni Nerestant, published October 5 2021, entitled "If Joyce Echaquan were white, she would still be alive, Quebec coroner says". This articles relates to the Coroner's Report in the Joyce Echaquan case, referred to at the 14:24 minute mark. Click here to access the Coroner's Report (only available in French).

Click here to access the Association of First Nations' webpage which gives more information on Jordan's Principle, referred to at the 15:04 minute mark. Click here and here to access the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decisions (2020 CHRT 20 and 2020 CHRT 36, respectively) being challenged before the Federal Court referred to at the 16:02 minute mark.